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Upcoming events

8.12.2019 Adventní koncert v Chocni

5.1.2020 Tříkrálový koncert v Arše v Pardubicích

Wrote about us

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Welcome to
Chamber String Orchestra
BONA NOTA Pardubice

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Chamber String Orchestra BONA NOTA is an amateur musical ensemble. Its members are students and people from various professions. All are united in the love of music, which is their interests and hobbies.

The orchestra was founded in Pardubice in February 1999. From the beginning of its activities the orchestra closely cooperate with the Free Evangelic Church; the orchestra is located in the Praying house called the "Arch".

The basis of the repertoire consists of chamber music by old Czech and world masters. However, their repertoire includes music composers of the 20th Century. BONA NOTA also often brings its string sound cooperation with various soloists (eg singer, violin, organ, flute, trumpet, etc.) and choirs in order to provide students with the most interesting musical experience. Chamber Orchestra performs regularly at concerts and festivals, not only in their region, but also in other parts of our country.

During its existence, had set the opportunity to showcase their art also to viewers in Germany and Slovenia. Among the greatest achievements include winning the orchestra in its category in the competition Concerto Bohemia 2001.

Part of the repertoire Bona Noty is shown at the three previously released CDs.

The orchestra has focused on the music of Baroque and early Classicism since 2012. This repertoire adapted and its appearance - the orchestra plays in baroque costumes.

Bona Nota has played with baroque bows made by Mr. Martin Opluštil (www) since 2015.

The orchestra currently has 13 players.
Violin: Pavlína Kalvachová, Pavel Jandejsek, Lenka Jedličková,
Martin Dostál, Jindra Mudruňková, Pavla Dibelková, Hana Shánělová
Viola: Zuzana Nová, Alžběta Macková
Cello: Barbora Kubíčková, Jan Gerhart
Bass: Václav Trunec
Harpsichord, Organ: Daniel Chráska

The artistic director and conductor Daniel Chráska.